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Callum: nice guy.. nasty streak.. can take comps apart quickly
18:35 Thu 11th Aug


51 Weeks

by Zooty Wednesday 24th December 2014
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Hey, its been a while but I am still alive : As usual there is nothing new on the site but I am in the process of coding some stuff so I can keep up with archery bits & bobs.

Well I finally got a new job, I work in IT support for Amazon and loving it! I do miss the people at Tesco but I don't miss the job one second.

I have bought a Mongolian Horse bow and a Japanese Yumi, its a nice change to just trying to get better with the recurve, I'm enjoying it as a hobby again which I hadn't been doing lately.

I have bought a bike and I'm very much looking forward to riding to/from work each day and getting healthy, I even bought some spokey dokeys to go on it, I'm such an 80's child.
by zooty Saturday 1st September 2012
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I'm still alive I promise, just working loads
by zooty Friday 29th April 2011
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Two Zero One One
Last year my to do list
  • Get a decent job
  • Take up Kendo/Fencing✔/Archery✔
  • Take✔ and pass✘ motorbike test
  • Further myself and stop dwelling on things (this year has been better)

Wow! lots ticked off since 2009! now its a bit slim I should probably add a few things... so here goes

  • Become a manager
  • Save 150/month
  • Visit Chernobyl and or northern lights

by zooty Sunday 2nd January 2011
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Sorry for the very long wait for an update... I met a girl :>
Well it started out well I got loads more responsibility at work, I was cracking on really fast with the management training but I somehow ended up doing 32 days with 1 day off and everything was going well apart from having to take my new meds a few times.

Work was mostly spent doing Workshops and learning how to treat people in certain situations and how to gain emotional commitment all a lot more interesting than it sounds (that wasn't sarcasm)

I spent almost all of my spare time this month reading books 2 & 3 of the Bernard Cornwell 'Grail Quest' series, there were a few bits I didn't like such as how a main charter is just never revisited and the ending I didn't see coming at all, I recommend it to anyone who likes medieval fiction or is a fan of Mr Cornwell. A night out in the local Wetherspoons reminded me why I dislike drinking there, I'm in there for 2 minutes before someone gets there face bashed in about 3 feet from me, The mother of 1 of the guys even made it too the fight before the bouncers managed too.

At the end of the month I went into London because my American friend Jess was over in the UK, It was a lot of fun (from what I can remember I had FAR too much to drink) and would be good to see her again some day.

My hours changed too 4am starts and I had to train someone for the new Gerrards Cross store which was fun I had to change my coaching style to suit them but it was a success and am now infinitely more confident in my ability as a leader.

My car needed it's 1st MOT doing I would have thought that would have given it a years MOT the day before I bought it but it seems not, it passed with flying colours, a headlight was aimed too low but that was fixed at no cost.

I went to watch a fireworks display at Leeds Castle which happens to be one of the best in the UK, it was amazing I'm looking forward too going again next year. For this and Halloween a few days before I had multi coloured hair pics of both can be found on my Flickr account. Then I spent lots of time playing Fable 3, I wish I had saved my money and time though if the original fable was 10/10, fable 2 was 7/10... the third is 3/10 at best.

I finished my plastering course which I'm proud of, looking forward to doing bits and pieces around the house, Along with this I got a 482 out of 600 at archery so am really proud of that, should reduce my handicap a lot I aim for 400 in a Fita 18 & 475 at Fita 25

Dec! the halls with boughs of holly
As of Christmas week I'm now full time, The 5 hour difference on a Saturday is a killer as I usually still wake up at 3am.
4:00-12:00 Weds
4:00-12:00 Thurs
4:00-12:00 Fri
9:00-18:00 Sat
6:00-15:00 Sun

Lots of things breaking this month though 1st my phones died and I'm trying to claim on my bank insurance, Then my car window died luckily its still under warranty. Other than that I've spent almost all the month playing Dragon Quest, for a 25 game I got about 60 hours out of it and there's plenty of post story stuff to do so could easily get another 40, well worth the money.

I happened to find myself in hobby craft and saw some Fimo (the modeling clay you bake in the oven) I made a dragon and will put the pictures on Flickr. I also had time this month to go and take a Mensa test so my IQ is now officially 140 which I really cant complain about I even framed the letter they sent me.

As for my friends over this whole period, well Lauryn dropped out of uni and went back to somerset never to be heard from again. and I've rarely seen anyone else as I have spent most of my time hanging out with Danielle an old friend I used to work with.
by zooty Thursday 30th December 2010
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