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Martijn: Beard, Black hat , swords, a dangerous player!!! o yeah add sumthin bout being a minesweeper king
07:46 Tue 22nd Jun


Games + Tele
  • Gothic 3
    It took me 5 days to complete gothic 3, could have easily been a lot longer but I didnít even attempt the quests in about half of the towns as by the time I had completed the main countryís bit my char didnít need any more skills to be able to kill things. The game apparently has 3 endings so some time I will play though again and go for the different ones but after putting in about 40 hours in the past week I need a rest. I liked it more than oblivion the quest are a bit repetitive at times and I wouldnít say there is as much depth as oblivion but no loading screens always gets my vote. The ending I got implied that there would be no Gothic 4 or if there is it would have to follow a different person not the bearded hero.

  • BF2142
    Only bought it as some of my AAA friends play it, I really suck at it but what can you do :D guess Iím just used to the whole CS thing but since they ruined it with the stupid weapon price shit I cba to play it in the near future, why change the buy menus??? And now when u buy a gun you get full ammo... I never buy full ammo I like to know that if I die n someone from the other team gets my gun then they donít have many bullets left to kill my team with. Its very annoying.

    Anyway bf2142... seems alright although the more u play the better upgrades you can unlock which is a bit annoying for the casual gamer who only plays a few hours a week. The awards thing is nice it makes you aim to do things while playing here are my stats.

  • Sam+Max
    Seems really good but been playing too much G3 & BF2142.

  • The Scene
    Itís nearly at an end after 2 series (4 episodes left), the second of which was disappointing but just as addictive as the first.

  • Dream Team
    The new and last series of dream team has started and I think its about time it was to end Iíve been watching it for the last 9 years and from about April I get to have my Sunday evenings free again :)

  • Deadliest Catch
    ARR itís a fishermanís life for me! Well anyone who is reading this has probably never heard of it but itís a fly on the wall documentary about one of the worldís deadliest jobs, Alaskan crab fishing. They can earn up to £60,000 for 3 weeks work however the death rate is at least 1 every year. Itís not unusual for them to get 4 hours sleep every 2 days.

by zooty Tuesday 21st November 2006


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