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Rocky: On the surface he's a short, lazy, nasty, racist, disrespectful weirdo who can't speak properly but underneath he's lovely
07:51 Tue 22nd Jun


Shoot to kill
I'm making a new site but it's in very early development right now doing it mainly as I want to learn more things about PHP.

Work is ok I guess got holiday due at the end of feb and start of march so looking forward to that might even plan something big for it.

The spring steel chainmail rings got done :D there were 15,000~ in the shirt and I've made 22 sheets of Euro 4in1 10*10 a 10*10 of 8in2 and about 100 rings that were left went into a box weave for a key chain. Just got tons of alu left to mess around with now so if anyone wants something small made I will do it when Iím bored. For the first time in a long while I've wanted to play first person shooters again although they still annoy me.

Looks like the Africa trip if off too :( Lauryns been poorly and its not a good idea for her to travel although I did promise I would take her to Sweden so I'm crossing my fingers that she will be up for that near the end of the year. All the tele shows I watch too have or in the very near future will be coming to an end for this year as the writers guild strike has led to half seasons.

My piggy bank is heavy and makes a nice sound when I shake it... so I emptied him and had £33 in change.

I finally fitted a new door and since my house subsided years ago and they didnít seem to replace the door frames it took me HOURS of planning it down to make a square door fit into a trapezoid hole although I did it all very well and its hung perfectly doesnít swing further open/closed when u let go of it, so Iím proud. Also since the Africa trip looks like its off I spent the ~1000 I had saved for it on a La-Z-Boy recliner and saved the rest of the money to buy an R400 tablet Iíve wanted 1 for a while just not really had the cash laying around for it.

Talking of which I REALLY need to Ebay all of my old star wars toys as they are just sitting in the loft doing nothing but collecting dust and while Iím at it I'll get rid of my full set of aliens toys and any other random stuff that happens to be sitting up there.

Lauryns birthday was a few days ago she seemed to appreciate the Dr Who card I sent.
by zooty Friday 1st February 2008


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