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Oli: He's the mighty sword-weilding soulless midget of the apocalypse... he also likes tea.
07:38 Tue 22nd Jun


Arr said the Space Pirate
Upped a few more pics into the gallery, working on a new comic too but my inability to draw is hindering it a lot.

Iím still looking for a job but think i'll wait until I can get something Iíll enjoy rather than just going for anywhere.

All week I have been playing darkstar one, I have to say the best thing about it is the Tages protection as I had to buy it since the copy protection is in game rather than on the loader it is able to mess the game up such as making things expensive, not letting u access certain areas... etc.

Its not such a bad game there are a few things I really like the ship customisation is really good although to get the artifacts u need to upgrade is a simple matter of flying about to where u know they are, I think it would be better if u had that combined with doing missions for people or even having to buy a few... mixing it up a bit just flying around 100 times got boring after about 15.

Another thing I really liked was the jump drive itís measured by light year distance rather than hops. So there is a little flying about to travel compared to privateer/freelancer where u needed to go thru specific jump points system by system I think the darkstar method is much better.

Now onto the cons... the whole universe isnít open from the start u unlock it by progressing thru the game, Iíve never liked this way of doing things, fair enough have a few key plot systems locked but keep the whole thing open for players to explorer when they get bored of the story.

Another thing is the upgrades were all like laser 1 2 3, military laser 1 2 3, elite laser 1 2 3... a half hours thinking could have come up with better names for them. There were only like 20 different NPC ships too I know privateer didnít have many ships but that was 13 years ago, a game like freelancer had so many different ships and the space stations were all different. Darkstar one just seems like it was rushed so they didnít put any effort into making each system unique or giving character to NPC pilots.

On the whole though it was a good game for £18 I wouldnít say it was as good as freelancer and defiantly not as good as privateer but it held up to the genre well in my opinion and I think every game should use Tages from now on it will stop space piracy!

Thatís enough about Darkstar One I have Fable to play next :). My birthday was last week so I went down the pub for a quiet drink with my friends I ended up hammered n eating a kebab which I managed to throw up about 5 hours later n all my stomach acid had done was strip the colour off the meat hadnít dissolved any of it at all.

Umm still donít know what my mates are doing although Jamie has a gay batman top and Tom tried to trick me into thinking some random I spoke to on my birthday had kidnapped Oli but he did it in such a bad way he really shouldnít have bothered.
by zooty Monday 28th August 2006


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