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Rob: He's small, sexy, intelligent, and has a tongue similar to jamie oliver's.... what more could u want?
02:17 Sat 8th May


Septemburrr its cold
Last week I applied for 10 jobs and only heard back from 2 of them so think I'm going to do weds-fri as overtime at Tesco over Christmas for a bit of extra cash will help pay for the driving lessons.

Ok so I've been pretty busy this past month, it started out with me going down to see kirsty for her birthday on the way I stopped by the imperial war museum it was very good took lots of pictures which are on flickr, Kirstys family are all cool and it was interesting to hang around hr brothers, reminded me of old times when my bros still lived here. We went for a walk around where she lives and looked at graves it was a bit morbid when u saw a freshly dug one. She seemed to like the flowers I got her and for the last night I was with her we went to her dads and to some random pub I go up for my round and there is some girl at the bar with her jeans down by her knees and her t-shirt tucked up under her chin showing some 3/4 length body tattoo to anyone who could avoid looking at her bra or knickers. I also got to ride about on a mini moto I see why they are death traps all the acceleration comes as one huge lump like a turbo.

Then I've been having driving lessons, which are going ok I guess, stalling it at stupid times but mostly at the start of lessons before I've warmed up I even drove through the town on my 2nd lesson as I had to get there for a meal because Tesco sold £15k of hot cross buns so the bakery staff all got treated. I also had to shell out £16 for the dentist to spend less than a min looking at my teeth and say they were alright.

More recently I've been to collectormania it wasnít that good this time around but I went to the Lego store and bought some Lego knights so Iím happy.

Been playing a few games recently Iím still at fumbbl every so often but most of my teams are just getting refused games as Iíve tried to skill up every player and not just a few select stars. Iíve also been playing the new Crysis it runs so much better than when it was first released itís actually playable now and itís about a 5 hour game which for its £15 price tag is well worth it. You just have to look at the success of the HL2 episodes to see how producing a 5 hour game in an existing engine is better than making a whole new one.

Me and James had to miss our usual Sunday drinking session and go do it in a park instead with other co-workers I blame Tesco for allowing me to binge drink I got 8 cans of export for £5.40 and got pretty wrecked Iím not entirely sure what happened that night but Iíve apologised to everyone I remember pissing off.

Over the coming few months I want to visit the Leeds and Windsor armouries and the first weekend of November my brother has some star wars thing on at Lego land so I shall be down there helping him out and probably buying more Lego knights.

The guy who made my sword has a few months free and said if I wanted I could go up to his forge and help him make myself a suit of plate armour its an excellent opportunity but it would take at least 6 weeks to do it and it would likely mean id have to quit Tesco and stop driving lessons but since Iím having so much trouble even finding another job it doesnít seem like the best idea so Iím going to have to wait until the new year hopefully by then I'll be driving and can get myself back for work and such.

Richard goes back to America tomorrow so yesterday we went out for a drink and such tried inviting everyone but only tom was free, was a laugh anyway I enjoyed it.
by zooty Wednesday 1st October 2008


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