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Malcolm: he likes to make me drive to job centers for no reason
04:57 Tue 13th Apr


Stalker Zoots Detective Agency, Featuring Scrapper Brooks
Iíve added a new page in the me section once u are logged in

With the current way things are going it doesnít look like Iím going to have any better luck finding a new job, been doing lots of overtime in the bakery and although I donít want to be contracted for it itís not been too bad doing the extra few days per week. Gone back to looking at old options like RAF etc.

Swordy Tom and Serena came to Hemel at the start of the month, was good to meet them and the night was entertaining unfortunately I donít have any time off for a while so wonít be seeing them again until about April. Then a few days later Lauryn was back in Hemel we spent the Monday night out having drinks which was fun then on the weds we were supposed to go to Watford but no one other than me had any money so I ended up spending that money on alcohol, a pint, bottle of wine and bottle of Perry - I also apparently did shots I donít remember and I threw up hideously nearly getting barred.

I have not stalled it in my driving lessons for 2 weeks now and Iíve pretty much perfected the reverse around a corner, I need to make checking my mirrors a bit more obvious and make sure I do it before things like breaking, still doing a few silly things such as not paying attention and getting into the right lane when Iím going straight on at roundabouts.

Blue Dragon is a good game it really reminded me of old final fantasy games and picking it up for £8 getting 51 hours out of it was worth every penny, Lauryn actually helped me complete it I was stuck at a mini game where I couldnít physically press the X button any faster so kept failing. Id highly recommend it to anyone who owns a 360 and likes RPG's.

Me and ginger James went to the full house one night and managed 2 drinks before feeling ill the quality of their draft larger is alright but after u have had a nice fosters drinking a bad one u can really tell the best part of the night was managing to eat a steak and 4 mini fillet burgers the 5th one ended up under a random car on my walk home probably made a fox happy as they canít get into wheelie bins.

I'm about to have a new amp the pioneer VSX-LX60 as I managed to pick one up on the cheap from eBay. Now to save for a Kuro tele. I'm determined to go to London SOON, last Monday I was hungover, Wednesday I ended up working, today was snowing so I really need to go weds else Iím going to go crazy. I havenít done any maile work for a while now either been drinking more as a result though which isnít good. Once the weather warms up and we are having sunny warm days I will book a CBT and learn to ride a motorbike. Saving for a kuro didnít go too well I saw a cheap amp going on EBay so bought it which means Iíll need to save another 3-4 months if I want the Kuro.

Think I should buy a Tortoise? I need something to look after and since stealing babies is illegal Iím thinking of a random pet I wouldnít mind a house rabbit either but they apparently like to chew cables which in my house really isnít ideal, Iíve had hamsters before and fish donít interest me so tempted with a reptile this time but I donít like crickets so got to pick something vegetarian and that pretty much exclusively leaves a tortoise :) the only drawbacks are I have no idea how to look after one and they live for 30+ years I donít even know if Iíll be alive that long.

Stalker Zoots Detective Agency, Featuring Scrapper Brooks - More details will be added soon once Scrappers kicked some doors in and we have foiled some baddies!

I've been talking to Kisty again lots lately and its cheered me up were getting on well

Then on the 28th it was Lauryns birthday and I canít think of any better present than for her to have started Uni 2 days beforehand.
by zooty Monday 2nd February 2009


Comment posted on 02-02-2009 at 17:53 by oridan
mby we can all go london together dude?

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