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Tom: Alcoholic sword swinging minature hero, the one with crazy hair!
05:10 Mon 29th Nov


I enjoy relaxing with a few beers for 2 hours to watch a film, I will watch pretty much anything and ive seen some truely shocking films over the years however some of my favorites in no particular order are:-
Seven Samurai
Schindler's List
Fight Club
Forrest Gump
Mad Max

I like films that you have to think about such as The Sting, Fight Club, Memento, 12 Monkeys, 12 Angry Men and The Usual Suspects. Although i did see the ending of Usual Suspects and Se7en from a mile off.

I watch a lot of war films too some of my favorites are The Great Escape, Empire of the Sun (The Mustang fly-by of the tower is 1 of my favorites scenes from any film), Enemy at the Gates, Bridge over the River Kwai and to an extent Lord of War

Then there are the sports films, I've tried my best to watch as many sports films as possible the ones I would watch over and over again are Rocky (1, 2, 4 & Balboa), Slap Shot, The Hurricane (ok not really a sports film), The Hustler, The Natural, Prefontaine, Field of Dreams, Cool Runnings, Murderball, Lords of Dogtown, Hoosiers, Cinderella Man and The Greatest Game Ever Played. There are loads of other Great ones like Remember the Titans and Tin Cup however they dont seem to stick in my mind as much as the first lot.

Cultural films such as Kidulthood, Made in England, This is England, Layer Cake and American History X which has probabaly the only scene im unable to watch in a film which he stamps on the back of the guys head.

I'm also a fan of many japanese films, notably anime, Akira Kurosawa directed films and those staring Takeshi Kitano.

There are lots of films that dont really fit into a catagory or there are so few of them its pointless compiling a list, off the top of my head 'Dogville' for the way its been produced and 'Kenny' as the best mockumentry are both films to add to any favorite films list.