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Alfie: i think your a legend, apple pike
06:01 Mon 29th Nov


Over the years ive played too many computer games to count however ive found i have a talent for first person shooters and a love ove role playing games.

Ive played alot of FPS games but the ones that i enjoyed and played for any length of time multi player are:-

Half life
-Counter Strike To date ive not found a game with a better way to balance weapons than using money, the game annoys the crap out of me though mainly due to stupid players
-Day of Defeat Was an amazing game for the first few years then valve got their grubby mits on it and ruined it by changing the caps on auto weps now u go in a server and 1 person on a team will be using a rifle :(
-Sven co-op
-Natural Selection
-Desert Crisis I loved DC the game looked shite but the gameplay was so much fun the perks and equipment choice allowed you to outfit yaself to your game play style along with a alot of weapons it was truely a great game if u wernt into eye candy oh and i never played a single person who could consistantly beat me in a 1vs1 so i was the best in the world ;)
-Front Line Force
Vietcong The realism of this game was amazing 1 hit kills iron sights and no HUD and enough vegetation and changing of terrain to make hiding worth it
-Internationl Crime Syndicate I played this game along with Jamie... one day were on a server and jamie gets asked to join a clan he says hes only joining if i can too so 3 months later were the top clan in the game with 4 of the best players (jamie, me, simon, martijn) its a shame the community was so immature and eventully killed it.
Quake 3
-Rail Arena Argh i sucked at RA but it was probabaly because rob was so good noone else had a chance
Half-Life 2
-Counter Strike Source Pretty much a direct port from cs1.6 just with eye candy
-Day of Defeat Source Again changed by valve... for the worse :(
BF2142 I dont think anyone will come up with a better squad system, one squad that works together can completely dominate a map even if the commander is useless

Here is a list of the RPG's ive loved to play and go back to play through again every few years

Ultima IV
Ultima V
Ultima VII The Black Gate + Forge of Virtue A decent story line, Chars with historys (both npc & party), enough sub quests to double the length of the game and a player-world interation like nothing before or since (being able to make bread) this game is simply the best RPG ever made imo
Ultima VII part II Serpent Isle + The Silver Seed Uses the same engine a good game in its own right just a lack of NPC's and subquests to be a classic
Baldurs Gate As much as i hate D&D rules this was a really good game in its day. lots of sub quests :) the NPC's was abit weak imo not enough information given about them they just seemed to be there to bulk out their game rather than having a purpose in the world
The Elder Scrolls - Oblivion This is the best RPG ive played since U7 and it could perhaps have taken the crown as best RPG ever... the game is easily 100 hours if you want to do all the sub quests or level up the only thing that lets it down is you cant make bread heh
Final Fantasy V good story along with the class system that i loved, u picked a class eg. monk/ninja/knight, then while in that class u could use any of its skills but u leveled up in it and could keep each skill u had learnt in a level up then u could change class but still keep the skills u had learnt to use
Final Fantasy VII
Gothic 2 huge world, fair amount of sub quests but the main quest u could take 3 diffrent paths for the first half of the game it wasnt linier like every other RPG ever made :(
Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 1 + 2
Dungeon Siege The engine was amazing nice graphics (for the time) the item database was huge and it had no loading screens the world acted as 1 massive map it was good trust me!
Tales of Symphonia Amazing story... lots of twists and turns in it

Games that I enjoyed playing that dont fit into either of the above catogorys

MUDS (Mean Ugly Dirty Sports) Pretty much bloodbowl but its very old
Ultima Online I played this for years it is the only thing in my life i can say ive been addicted too. You could play though the game either interacting with other players or keep to yourself and have an equal amount of enjoyment out of it there was also no need to have a fighting skill you could be a bard tinker chef and the game was equally as fun as fighting dragons
Pivateer 1+2
X-Wing/Tie-Fighter Series
Syndicate 1+2 I loved the idea/story behind this game and if i was to ever make a FPS i would totally rip it off. a big syndicate ;) has researched cyborg technology and it brainwashes people and uses them as agents with cyborg implants to do its dirty deeds
Fumbbl (Java Bloodbowl) Bloodbowl is the only Games Workshop game that I enjoy playing and when i discoverd i could do it on the internet without having to put trousers on and go hang out with long haired fat weirdos in a crappy shop i was there